Rescue Dog Training

I had a family a while ago, but they weren’t very nice to me. They yelled at me a lot; they would hit me with rolled up newspaper; they didn’t feed me enough, or give me enough water. I didn’t get to sleep comfortably. At least I had a home, even if I had to fend for...

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Puppy Training Tips

My owners are so confusing. I want be a good pet and make the family happy, but they aren’t making it very easy for me! One lets me sit and sleep on the couch, the other yells at me while I’m trying to take a nap. There are all these soft toys around the house that...

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What’s Dog Training In L.A. Like?

My owner keeps getting mad at me for playing with the roll of white stuff in the bathroom, but i’m just trying to see how far it goes and chew it because it’s fun. He keeps saying something like, “This dog needs puppy training classes,” and he is looking online for...

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