“I am writing this is because of a situation when I knew I needed to call in the big guns! I had been working with a regular client of mine who happens to be an 85-pound pit bull named “Smudge”. I decided I needed to put him on a treadmill because he needed some energy depletion, i.e. the walks weren’t cutting it. Now, I have done the treadmill exercises with other dogs and other dogs like him before. But for some reason this time I couldn’t do it. So I decided to call in the expert Suzanne, aka Canine Path. Although it was a team effort, if it hadn’t been for Suzanne and her ideas of how to do it, it may have not gotten done! She is thorough, determined and has a heart of gold. Smudge and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and her enthusiastic know how!”

SmudgeAllegra Albertson and Smudge