“I’ve known Suzanne for years, so when I decided to adopt a puppy, she was the only person I called. Knowing my personality, Suzanne made some great suggestions on breeds and temperaments. Then I fell in love with a rescue I named Nikki. Nikki was a handful (and not one of Suzanne’s recommended breeds – what can I say!).

“But Suzanne fell in love with Nikki and provided insight into her temperament as well as valuable training instruction. As most dog trainers will tell you – it’s usually harder to train the owner and that was indeed the case! Suzanne’s tenacity and patience with me paid off — as a first-time dog owner, I was making a lot of classic mistakes. Suzanne then turned her training skills on Nikki and Nikki responded beautifully. My changed behavior helped reinforce correct behaviors for Nikki, making her a more secure and confident dog. Suzanne always checks in to be sure we are on track! Suzanne is more than a trainer — she’s a true support system. I strongly recommend Suzanne and her services for those needing dog (or dog parent) training!”

NikkiBobbie Wasserman and Nikki