“We are so fortunate to have Suzanne in our lives! She has been a lifesaver in helping us with our sweet, golden retriever rescue, Jake who came to us with boatloads of fear and anxiety.

Suzanne is very patient and took the time to build trust with Jake before asking him to do anything. She is all about encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Suzanne is also an amazing coach for owners! She gives clear instructions and explanations and models each step. When I first met her, I was struggling with trying to walk Jake. He was pulling on the leash and not following my lead. When he saw other dogs, he would growl, jump up, spin, and try to run away. Suzanne went to work immediately and turned Jake’s walks into a safe, pleasant experience for both of us.

Suzanne is very dedicated and gives 110% of herself. She does what it takes to help her clients. She even met Jake at our groomer and observed how he interacted with the other dogs in a pack-like environment. She worked with Jake and the other dogs and answered the groomer’s questions about Jake’s behavior and how to help him be successful there. Working with Suzanne has been an absolute pleasure, and I highly recommend her as a trainer and coach.”

JakePam Murray, Jake and Family