“Even though my dog Oliver was more than a year old, he was still a puppy at heart. Unfortunately, that included all the unbridled energy, and mischievousness one might expect from a puppy. It had been years since I had an untrained bundle of a busy, goofy puppy and I needed help. Suzanne came to the rescue. She helped guide us from willful and naughty, to having a happy, well adjusted, and trained companion.

Suzanne made a plan that fit my goals. She quickly went to work teaching me how to effectively train my dog, and have fun in the process. Suzanne gives a seminar called Avoiding Negative Encounters with Dogs. It was invaluable.

Suzanne taught me how to better understand my own dog’s reactions, but also how to evaluate unexpected situations, and recognize when our dogs are uncomfortable, feel threatened and need us to create a safe environment. Thanks to Suzanne my dog, while still a puppy at heart, is an even better companion, who enjoys meeting other dogs without pulling and barking, and is no longer chewing up the house. Suzanne is amazing!”

OliverSharon Bounds, Oliver and family